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As a carer it’s important to take a little break and spend some time talking to people who understand what you’re going through. That’s why we’re organising a weekly online Care for a Cuppa through Zoom.

These meet ups will allow you to connect with other carers and hear from organisations from across Wales on the work they are doing.

Each session is a 2-hour window for you to drop in and chat at anytime. Get support from the Carers Wales team, talk about your day or talk about anything else you want to talk about. This is a chance to share your thoughts and feelings in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Have any ideas for what would make a fun session? Tell us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to see what Care for a Cuppa's have already happened

You can also attend the Carers UK Care for a Cuppa chats. You can see what our brilliant UK colleagues are holding by clicking here.

Carers Wales are also running the 'Me Time' project where we are doing online activities for carers. Find out more here.

 Upcoming Care for a Cuppa's

Tuesday 13th October - 2.30pm: with MIND Cymru

We're an unstoppable community of people in Wales who won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect they deserve. Together with our 20 local Minds in Wales we're committed to improving mental health in this country. Together we're Mind in Wales.

We lead on Wales-wide initiatives to support people in their communities.
Today’s session will be slightly different as MIND Cymru will be with us from 3pm to 4pm.

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Tuesday 20th October - 2.30pm: An Introduction to Dietics

Eat Well and Spend Less during COVID-19

Eating and drinking as well as we can is one important way to take care of ourselves.
However, when money is tight, eating well can feel like a challenge. Many of us are
spending more time indoors and going through changes to how we live, cook and shop

The Dietics team are coming along to introduce us to their service and tell us how they can support people with Diet and Nutrition.

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Tuesday 27th October - 2.30pm: CANIAD

Mae Caniad ar gyfer unrhyw un sydd yn ymwneud â gwasanaethau iechyd meddwl neu gamddefnyddio sylweddau, ac unrhyw un sydd yn gofalu am rywun sydd yn defnyddio’r gwasanaethau yma.

Mae sessiwn hun am 60 munud

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Tuesday 3rd November - 2.30pm: Marie Curie

Julie Skelton will be joining us at 3.30pm and will be talking about End of Life care and how Marie Curie can help facilitate this with you.

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Tuesday 10th November - 2.30pm: with a talk on Hearing Loss

Helen Pugh from Hearing Loss will be joining us at 3.30pm to give some information on how they can help if the person you are caring for has hearing loss and how to contact them.

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Tuesday 17th November - 2.30pm: Siaradwr o Epilepsy Action Cymru

Mae Janet Patterson yn ymuno a nI am 3.30 I siarad am ffordd newydd o weithio a rhai diweddariadau ar epilepsi yr ydym wedi bod yn ymgyrchu arnynt.

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Tuesday 24th November - 2.30pm: Craft for wellbeing

Macramé Feathers - Yes, Macramé is back from the 70s! In this workshop we will be creating a wall hanging of Macrame feathers. You could keep this lovely wall hanging to yourself or give it as a gift, ready for Christmas.

Once you have registered, we will contact you for your address so that we can send out the materials you will need for the session, so please book early as we need time to send these out to you.

This activity will be for the whole session whilst chatting

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Tuesday 1st December - 2.30pm: With a talk on the Herbert Protocol

Do you have a friend or relative with Alzheimer’s or dementia who is at risk of going missing?

We understand that caring for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be challenging and that planning ahead to help keep them safe is really important.

People living with dementia can at some point start to ‘walk about’, and while for some this may only be into the garden or street and returning a short time later, other sufferers can get lost and go missing. This can be a distressing experience for the individual and their family, friends and carers.

The Herbert Protocol is here to help you keep vulnerable adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia safe. It is a national initiative adopted by police forces around the UK.

Neville Davies from South Wales Police will be joining us at 3.30pm to tell us all about this.

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Tuesday 8th December - 2.30pm: with a talk from Motor Neurone Disease Association

We will be joined at 3.30pm by Melanie Davies from Motor Neurone Disease Association to talk about how this debilitating disease affects those you may be caring for, what help and support is out there for you and how you can access this.

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Tuesday 15th December - 2.30pm: With a talk from Epilepsy Action Wales

Janet Patterson from Epilepsy Action Wales will be joining us at 3.30pm to talk about their new way of working and some updates on epilepsy that they have been campaigning on.

SIgn up for this session here

Tuesday 22nd December - 2.30pm: with a talk from CANIAD and HAFAL

Donna Jones from Caniad will be joining us at 3.30pm to discuss how Caniad is for anyone involved with mental health or substance misuse services, and anyone who cares for someone using these services. Influence decisions and help to shape mental health and substance misuse services by becoming a Caniad Involver.

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Tuesday 29th December - 2.30pm: Bingo a Canu / Bingo and a singsong

Ymunwch a ni am y sessiwn Bingo a canu yn Cymraeg a Saesneg a gyfer Nos Galan / Join us for a bi-lingual session involving Bingo and a sing song for New Years Eve.

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Tuesday 5th January - 2.30pm: Dawns I Pawb

Rydym yn credu bod pawb yn gallu dawnsio ac yn parhau i ddadlau’r manteision o ddawns i’n cymunedau o fewn y cyd-destun twf personol, iechyd a lles cymdeithasol, rhyngweithio cymdeithasol a chymunedol a hunaniaeth ddiwylliannol.

Mae Dawns I Pawb yn ymuno a ni am y sessiwn i gyd.

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Tuesday 12th January - 2.30pm: Efo Crefft er Lles - Gwehyddu

Mae gwehyddu yn broses hynafol ac mae’n dal i gael ei ddefnyddio’n ledled y byd. Yn ystod y sesiwn hwn byddai’n dysgu gwehyddu basig, drwy greu ‘loom’ ein hunain ag gwehyddu patrymau neu dirlun syml. Fe welwch eich hun yn llonyddu drwy'r broses feddylgar yma.

Weaving is a very ancient process and is still used widely around the globe. During this session I will teach you the basics of weaving, creating our own loom and later weaving a simple pattern/landscape. You will find yourself getting lost in this calming and mindful process.

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Tuesday 19th January - 2.30pm: Vegetarian for Life - Get your 5 a day the easy way, an interactive talk on nutrition and healthy eating along with a smoothie demo

Join us for a talk with Roving Chef Claire Bannerman from Vegetarian For Life. Claire has a love for vegetarian food that led to her studying Food Processing at Glasgow College of Food Technology here she began her culinary journey into food manufacturing, development and food safety training. Hungry for more knowledge on the influence of food on our wellbeing, Claire went on to become a REHIS accredited tutor and a Healthyliving Award Assessor.

Sign up for this session here

Tuesday 2nd February - 2.30pm: With a talk from Stroke Association

Colin Evans from the Stroke Association will be joining us for the last 30 minutes to talk to you about the Stroke Association and how they are helping stroke victims.

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Tuesday 9th February - 2.30pm: with a talk from Deaf Blind

Mike Whitcherley will be joining us from 3.30pm to talk about the Deaf Blind Association and who they are.

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Tuesday 16th February - 2.30pm: with a wellbeing talk from the Fire Service

When did you last check your smoke alarm?

During these unprecedented times, every effort is being made to continue to undertake our core activity - that includes the provision of advice and home safety interventions to our communities.

During the ongoing pandemic we are conducting our safe and well checks differently.

We have made some modifications to our advice whereby we will speak with householders over the telephone first, minimising the amount of time we spend on any home visit.

Mike White will be joining us from 3.30pm.

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Tuesday 2nd March - 2.30pm: Efo Gwasanaeth Tan

Hafan Eich Cadw Chi'n Ddiogel Yn y cartref Larwm mwg am ddim
Pryd wnaethoch chi wirio eich larwm mwg ddiwethaf?

Pryd wnaethoch chi wirio eich larwm mwg ddiwethaf?

Yn ystod y cyfnod digynsail hwn, rydym yn ymdrechu i barhau i gyflawni ein gweithgareddau craidd - mae hyn yn cynnwys darparu cyngor ac ymyriadau diogelwch yn y cartref yn ein cymunedau.

Yn ystod y pandemig hwn rydym wedi newid y modd yr ydym yn cynnal archwiliadau diogel ac iach.

Rydym wedi addasu’n cyngor a byddwn yn siarad â pherchnogion tai dros y ffôn yn gyntaf, er mwyn lleihau faint o amser a dreuliwn yn ystod ymweliadau yn y cartref.

Mae Mark White yn ymuno a ni 3.30pm.

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Tuesday 9th March - 2.30pm: Clefyd Maculaidd

Mae Marian Williams yn ymuno a ni 3.30pm i sairad amdano Clefyd Maculaidd.

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If you have any concerns about the sessions or require assistance registering for a Care for a Cuppa event, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please read our guidelines for our online chats here.

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