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Carers Self-Advocacy Toolkit: workers' resources

Self-advocacy thumbnailMany paid staff in carers centres, condition specific organisations and statutory bodies support carers negotiating with ‘the system’. 

However, competing demands and conflicts of interest can limit the scope of how much a paid worker can represent a carer.

With these issues in mind, we have developed this worker’s resource to accompany the Carers Self-advocacy Toolkit; so that workers can help carers get their own voices heard more effectively via one to one support or through group training.  


Training tools

We have also provided training tools that we have successfully used with carers in self-advocacy training sessions, so workers can use these with groups of carers they are already supporting, to empower carers to get their own voices heard.

For a description of all the different training resources download the guide here.

The training resources can be downloaded in themes:

Carers and the system

Communication skills

Knowing yourself

Thinking and emotions

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