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  • Briefing


    Carers and the Welfare Reform Bill

    29 January 2013

    Carers UK has put together a list of frequently asked questions to explain what the Government’s plans for reforming the benefits system will mean for carers and disabled people.
  • Report


    Sandwich Caring

    29 November 2012

    Today more and more parents are combining looking after young children with caring for older or disabled loved ones. This is sometimes called ‘sandwich caring’ or ‘dual caring’ and those who fall under this category are usually referred to as ‘the sandwich generation’. But this dual role can sometimes come at a cost and carers may suffer from ill health, face difficulties to access or stay in the labour market or
  • Report


    Carers and telecare

    20 September 2012

    By looking at carers’ experiences, this report takes this case forward by exploring in more detail the evidence and opportunities afforded by telecare and telehealth technologies and the barriers to greater take-up.
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