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Consultation Response

National Carer Organisations response to Disability Assistance consultation

by Fiona Collie 05 June 2019

This is a joint response by the national carer organisations, including Carers Scotland, to the Scottish Government's consultation Disability Assistance in Scotland.  

The consultation covers a range of issues around future proposals for disability benefits when they are devolved to the Scottish Parliament including current Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment. The response includes the views of many carers who took part in a survey and facebook polling on key elements of the consultation. In responding to this consultation, the national carer organisations ahave consulted with carers including an online consultation and Facebook polling and built upon numerous previous consultations and engagements with carers on social security in Scotland.

The National Carer Organisations are brought together by a shared vision that all Scotland’s unpaid carers will be valued, included and supported as equal partners in the provision of care and will be able to enjoy a life outside of caring. They are Carers Scotland, the Coalition of Carers in Scotland, Minority Ethnic Carers of Older People Project (MECOPP), Carers Trust Scotland, the Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance, Crossroads Caring Scotland and Shared Care Scotland


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