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Consultation Response

Carers Scotland (Carers Parliament) response to: “A National Care Service for Scotland"

by Fiona Collie 04 November 2021

This year's Carers Parliament took place online over three days to discuss the national care service consultation and as well as work to develop a new Scottish Carer's Assistance.  We held 17 workshops and a main event, including carer, young carers and Ministers as well as an excellent panel discussion.  

Using what carers said on the day, as well as the many questions carers submitted in advance about the proposals, Carers Scotland has produced a response to this consultation which brings together these many views.  We have also included reports from the workshops and all the questions submitted and discussed on chat to ensure that those reading the response have the full picture of all that carers said over the three days.

There was much consensus from carers as well as challenging questions for the Scottish Government and we hope the final response does justice to what carers said.


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