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Manifesto 2021

The national carer organisations have launched a manifesto for unpaid carers and young carers for the Scottish Parlimentary elections in May 2021  

The national carer organisations have produced this manifesto to reflect the key changes and concerns raised by carers and young carers and to set out what they would like to see in the next term of the Scottish Parliament.  We have also engaged with carers centres and young carers services across Scotland.

Carers Manifesto

The National Carer Organisations manifesto for carers and young carers can be downloaded below.  

Manifesto for Carers and Young Carers
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Contact your Candidates

Help Make #CarersVotesCount in the Scottish Parliament election

 Write to your candidates today and call for their support for the Manifesto for Unpaid Carers and Young Carers which sets out the top priorities unpaid carers want to see delivered by the next Scottish Government. 

Write to your candidates now by clicking here

NB: This will send an email to each of the candidates in your consituency and each of the candidates standing in your parliamentary region.

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Carers Hustings

The National Carer Organisations and Oxfam Scotland hosted our Carer Hustings on 8 April.  Candidates from the main parties took part and discussed a range of issues and how their parties would seek to address these - and work together to do so.  Watch the hustings here

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Party Manifestos

In this section, you can find links to the party manifestos
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