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Carers Scotland publishes State of Caring in Scotland 2018

by Fiona Collie 09 December 2018

On the 70th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights, Carers Scotland launches State of Caring 2018 and asks: what is the impact of caring on carers rights to work, rest, be healthy and have an adequate standard of living?

This snapshot of caring in Scotland, taken between March and May 2018 found that:

  • A third (36%) of carers struggle to make ends meet  #rightssocialsecurity
  • 48% of carers struggling to make ends meet cut back on food or heating #rightssocialsecurity
  • Over a third of carers (37%) have given up work to care #rightswork
  • Only 18% of carers have had a break from caring. #rightsrestandleisure
  • To cope with costs of caring, carers cut back on leisure and social activities. #rightsrestandleisure
  • A quarter of carers (28%) report that care packages are being reduced #rightssocialservices
  • 75% of carers have suffered mental ill health and 63% physical ill health because of their caring role. #rightshealth
  • Less than a third (30%) of carers get practical support with caring. #rightsocialservices

To read the full report click here  

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