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Smart meters: A carer's story

14 December 2016

Geoff Kitchener is a carer for his wife. Here he tells us how easy it was to get a free smart meter installed and some of the benefits.

geoffkitchenerI contacted my Energy supplier to request they install smart meters in my flat, as I know by 2020 most houses should be upgraded

They took details and explained the Electric Meter is linked wirelessly with the Gas Meter and it sends all information to my Supplier by a phone signal.

They were fitted in July 2015 and came with a monitor that sits in my kitchen that monitors my usage, so you can tell what may be costing you more money.

The fitting was done in a couple of hours and I don’t have to worry about meter reads as the meters do that for me and send updates every 30 minutes.

I would recommend anyone to get in touch with their suppliers to request these meters. There are still some problems for suppliers to sort out, such as houses that may have a poor phone connection, but advances are being made all the time.

In my day time job working in Multi Tenancy I support the introduction of Smart Meters, I’m also the National Chair for the Centrica Carers Network and with the help of my Network chairs help and support our carers of which there are currently over 1100.


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