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Get involved in the national conversation on new benefits for carers in Scotland

14 August 2015

The Scottish Government is taking forward a national conversation on what would create a fairer Scotland and tackle inequalities. 

This require collective effort and a shared vision of what a fair and equal Scotland should look like in the years to come. Carers are a key voice in this debate.

There are a number of themes to the conversation which will include social security and health and social care. Carers Scotland will provide updates in due course on how to get involved in these conversations and ensure that carers voices and experiences are heard.

Part of this is about how we implement the new powers that will be devolved to Scotland following the Smith Commission recommendations.

One of the areas where new powers are proposed for the Scottish Parliament is social security benefits for carers of disabled people. The UK Government delivers this through Carers Allowance.

The draft legislation going through the UK Parliament will give the Scottish Parliament powers over benefits for carers currently sets out that a carer must:

  • be 16 years or above
  • must not be gainfully employed
  • must not be in full time education
  • must be caring for a recipient of a disability benefit.

It will be for the Scottish Parliament to agree what gainful employment and full time student mean for carers benefits in Scotland.

The Scottish Government are seeking views of people who have an interest in and are affected by the powers to come. They are particularly interested in the views of people with direct experience of Carers Allowance, including individual recipients and local organisations.

Information about who currently claims Carer’s Allowance in Scotland is available here.

Key questions

  • How should social security benefits support carers
  • What parts of Carers Allowance would you like to keep?
  • What do you think should change?
  • How should we better join up services for carers through benefits? For example on income maximisation.

Click here to find out more and to submit your ideas.

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