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Future of the Independent Living Fund in Scotland

11 October 2013

Carers Scotland with the national carer organisations are consulting with carers about the future of devolved funds from the Independent Living Fund in Scotland after in closes in 2015.

We want to hear from carers who care for someone who receives ILF funding and from carers who care for someone who does not.  This will help give the broadest range of views.

Funds will be devolved when the Fund closes in 2015 and the Scottish Government is consulting with people across Scotland to ask for their views on the best ways to protect existing users and hopefully to support other disabled people.

The Funds allocated to disabled people in Scotland will be protected when the monies are devolved.  This means that those who are currently receiving ILF will be protected.   The Scottish Government have said that [it's] "intention that current recipents should nto have their existing funding taken away unless their personal circumstances change and they become ineligible." 

They are seeking to implement a scheme which will enable current recipients to continue to receive the same award as they would have had if the Fund had not been abolished

Carers Scotland wants to hear from carers about:

  • the best option for administered these awards
  • how the small amounts of funds that will become available can be best used to support other disabled people.

To complete the consulation, please first download the easy read or full summary at the links below

You can then complete the survey at

by 25 October 2013 at the latest.





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