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Carers Scotland respond to the First Minister's speech to Carers Parliament

07 October 2015

On Tuesday 6 October 2015, the fourth Carers Parliament took place at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP delivering a keynote speech announcing several improvements to the Carers (Scotland) Bill that is going through Parliament.

Carers Parliament is an opportunity for carers across Scotland to come together and have their voices heard by the politicans who run the country, so they can understand how legislation impacts on carers and their daily lives.

In her keynote speech, the First Minister made some announcements around improvements to the Carers (Scotland) Bill that is going through parliament.

Responding to the First Minister’s speech, Simon Hodgson, Director of Carers Scotland said:

"The First Minister’s speech reflected the importance of carers in the Scottish Government’s agenda and we warmly welcome this recognition of the contribution that Scotland’s 759,000 carers make.

Her announcement that regulations will be brought forward to the Carers Bill to ensure that carers are not charged for services, including replacement care for respite breaks that support them, is hugely important.

The First Minister also announced changes to the Bill to make planning for emergencies an essential part of carer support planning. Carers need the peace of mind that if they face an emergency replacement care will get sorted out speedily and efficiently. Both of these measures will be welcomed by carers across Scotland."

To find out more about Carers Parliament, watch this video:

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