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Carers discuss the impact of welfare changes on their lives

24 October 2013

Members of Carers Scotland will gather tomorrow (25 October) in Glasgow City Chambers for the Annual Summit, to discuss how welfare reforms impact on carers and their families.

Many carers face real challenges as a direct consequence of welfare reform including the controversial "bedroom tax" and with more changes to come, including the introduction of Personal Independence Payment and Universal Credit. The conference will give carers the chance to find out more about the changes, what help and support is available and advice on challenging decisions.

Carers will also hear how their voices and experiences have helped inform Carers Scotland's campaigning and influencing work across the UK.

Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP will give the keynote speech to outline Scottish Government plans to help mitigate the impact of welfare reform.

Ms Sturgeon said: “The contribution made by carers and young carers to Scotland is enormous.

“Yet many of these individuals are likely to suffer the most from welfare reform. This  means there is even more reason to ensure better and more efficient support to carers. 

“Within the limited powers we currently have we are providing assistance where possible. Recently we announced an extra £20 million this financial year, as well as extra funding of up to £20 million in 2014-15 to help those struggling the most with the costs of the bedroom tax.”

Simon Hodgson, Director of Carers Scotland said “we know that many carers are already worried about both the person they are looking after and how caring will affect their own physical and mental health, their family finances and their ability to maintain a social life, adding to this is the uncertainty about what all the impending changes mean.

"Having a better understanding of the new system will help some people to plan for the future but will not halt some of the negative impacts. Carers Scotland will continue to campaign for greater recognition and better support for the vital role that carers play.”

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