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Consultation Response

Carers Northern Ireland responds to disability strategy

22 August 2012

OFMdFM has just finished its consultation on its Strategy to improve the lives of disabled people – 2012-2015. Our response asks for more   consideration of the impact on carers and the addition of a specific priority in relation to caring. 

We welcome the opportunity to respond to this consultation as any strategy aimed at people with disabilities will also have a significant impact on carers. In formulating this response we recognise quite rightly that disabled people and carers should be regarded as independentindividuals with their own rights and entitlements and that not all disabled people need or want the support of a carer.

For many disabled people however, the support of a family carer is essential to help them live independent lives in the community. This strategy presents an opportunity to recognise the important relationship between carers and disabled people and a platform to develop equality of opportunity for both.

Download our response below

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