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Carers NI welcome the return of the NI Assembly

13 January 2020

We welcome, amongst many priorities highlighted in the New Decade New Approach document, the commitment to delivering much needed reforms to health and social care as set out in the Bengoa, Delivering Together and Power to People reports as well as the agreement to review and extend Welfare Mitigations beyond March 2020.

For too long, carers here have been struggling to carry out their roles due to deficiencies in financial support, lack of access to short breaks and practical support and a health and social care system at breaking point. Family and friends have been left to pick up the pieces to the detriment of their own health and wellbeing.

We look forward to engaging with the relevant Ministers, Departments, Committees and individual MLAs in the months ahead and will closely monitor what the Assembly and relevant Departments will do to raise awareness of and implement further supports for carers here.

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