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The campaign so far

Letter image - we care campaignOur We care. Don't you? campaign calls on all political parties to

  • Stop cutting carers’ support
    Carers need more help, not less – yet our families face cuts to vital care services and benefits.
  • End carers’ financial hardship
    Caring shouldn’t push families into financial crisis – we need urgent reform of carers’ benefits.
  • Prevent carer breakdown
    Health and care services must act to prevent carer ill-health and isolation.

The campaign builds on the Caring & Family Finances Inquiry – our 12-month into the impact of an unprecedented combination of rising living costs and far-reaching changes to social security.

As part of the campaign we took your 6,000 signatures to all members of the current Parliament to ask Parliamentarians to support carers better and to stop making cuts which affect their lives. Your 6,000 names represented the 6,000 people that take on caring responsibilities every day.

As part of the campaign Carers UK has:

  • published our calls for change, based on over 5,000 carers’ experiences and views in our manifesto for the 2015 election
  • sent our manifesto to all the key political parties asking for a response
  • sent our manifesto to all current parliamentarians, including the main politicians who make decisions about carers’ lives
  • campaigned with carers trying to make decision makers understand what carers desperately need
  • questioned the three main political parties at our annual Carers Summit meeting with 250 carers present and more listening online and putting in their questions
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