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1. Tweet the Chancellor

Tweet the Chancellor directly to make him aware of the report and the value of carers’ contribution to the UK’s economy ahead of the Spending Review. You can also share our infographics.


Sample tweet:

  • Research by @CarersUK shows #carers contribute £132bn to UK economy. @George_Osborne it’s time to #valuemycare

CUK Valuing Carers Twitter Graphic2aii

2. Email your MP

Send an email to your MP about why you want them to raise these recommendations to the Chancellor. You can use our sample text below as your template. Find the email address of your local MP here.


Sample email wording:


Re: Value My Care

As one of the thousands of people in your constituency providing unpaid care by looking after ill, older or disabled loved ones I am writing to share new research from Carers UK, that shows that the care unpaid carers like me provide, since 2001, has doubled in value to £132 billion each year. I would ask that you write to the Chancellor to ask for increased and improved support for carers.

The Carers UK report, Valuing Carers 2015 – the rising value of carers’ support, shows that more people are caring, and for a greater number of hours, than ever before. It also shows that, due to demographic change (such as our ageing population) and reductions to social care services, people are caring for more hours than ever before. For example, since 2001, the number of people providing 20-49 hours of care a week has increased by 43% and those providing 50 hours of care or more a week has increased by a third (33%).

The value of carers’ contribution is close to the total value of health spending in the UK. Indeed, without carers the NHS would collapse overnight. But carers can’t carry on providing such a high level of support without the services in place to help us do it. The pressure on family finances, on our own health and wellbeing and on our employment is just too much.

That’s why, ahead of the Spending Review, I am asking you to write to the Chancellor to ask for five key improvements for carers.

Please ask the Chancellor to:

  • Urgently address the chronic underfunding of the social care system
  • Improve financial support for carers
  • Promote a carer-friendly NHS
  • Introduce a right to paid care leave
  • Stimulate a diverse care market to give carers better choice and flexibility

For the full recommendations and report, please visit:  

I look forward to your response,



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