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Carer's Allowance Matters

The Government has pledged to cut £12 billion in annual
benefit spending by 2017-18. Where these cuts will come from is a source of worry and concern for carers and their families.

Alongside speculation in the media about possible changes to disability benefits and tax credits, it was rumoured before the General Election that Government could change the eligibility criteria for Carer's Allowance. While this is still speculation rather than fact, we are sending a clear message that Carer's Allowance matters.

Carer's Allowance is the lowest benefit of its kind, but it is vital basic income to help carers pay the bills and meet the extra costs of caring. It is also vital recognition.

Carer's Allowance matters. If you agree, please:

  • Share this graphic on Facebook and re-tweet on Twitter
  • Send this Carer's Allowance Matters  summary to your MP and throughout your networks
  • Use this Word version to add your own perspective and send on to your MP and others who need to know that Carer's Allowance matters.

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