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Campaign resources

Make your voice heard in the run up to the General Election 2015 as part of our We care. Don't you? campaign.

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Carers Manifesto

Our Carers Manifesto sets out a vision for what good support would mean for carers, and key recommendations on what we want from the next Government.

It is built on the views and experiences of carers, including the 5,000 carers who completed our State of Caring Survey 2014 and the 3,000 carers who took part in our year-long Caring & Family Finances Inquiry.

Send a summary copy of our manifesto to your local candidates

Summary manifestoWe've prepared a summary version of our Carers Manifesto that your can send to your local candidates, along with your contact details and your own caring story.

There are two versions: one with space for you to add some information about your own caring story, and one with a carer's story from the full manifesto included. Whichever version you use, remember to include your full contact details so the candidate can get back in touch. Candidates will only be able to respond if you live in their constituency.

Summary manifesto (with space to add your own story)

Summary manifesto (with a carer's story already added)

Unfortunately there is no easy way to find out who the candidates are in your area. Your local elections office may be able to provide you with information on who is standing for election in your area – find details of your local election office at About my vote.

Alternatively, you can look up and contact your local party office or any of the national party offices. The national political party sites will have lists of currently selected candidates. Not all political parties select a candidate (or have selected a candidate) for every constituency.

Register to vote

If you are away on polling day or getting to the polling station is difficult for you or the person you care for, it may be more convenient to apply for a postal vote.

To register to vote or register for a postal vote go to

Other ways to get involved

You can also:

  • go along to hustings organised by other organisations and ask questions about carers
  • look out for online chats with candidates
  • look out for advertisements for where local candidates will be and ask them questions

Join in online

End financial hardshipDownload and print our placards, get someone to take a photo of you holding one of the signs and tweet your photos to us (@carersuk) and to your MP. Don't forget to use the hashtag:


Download placards » 

Share your story and make your voices heard

Every election campaign involves the media and there are chances for you to comment, as many of our members have done so far by sharing your experiences of being a carer and what you would like the next Government to do to make life better for carers:

  • local and national phone-ins – on the radio or TV
  • local newspaper coverage – adding comments to stories
  • local community discussion boards
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts of candidates
  • leaving comments in response to blogs and opinion pieces
  • spreading messages through Facebook, Twitter etc

Download the campaign logo

Click the image below to download a copy of the We care. Don't you? campaign logo.

We care campaign logo


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