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Loneliness among carers

From 14 August to 17 September Carers UK is leading the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness’ focus on carers.

The Commission was conceived by the late Jo Cox MP to understand and tackle the causes of loneliness. Since her death this work has been taken forward – co-chaired by Rachel Reeves MP and Seema Kennedy MP and with the support of several charities.

The difficulty of taking time away from our caring role is a major contributor to loneliness. We can be left feeling trapped and isolated, unable to take part in social activities or relationships, or look after our own health and wellbeing.

There are other contributors to loneliness though. Besides breaks, one of the main causes of loneliness is understanding. Caring can be messy. It can be painful – both in the difficulties faced by those we’re looking after, and the challenges we face ourselves as carers.

"At times of crisis you quickly learn that most people would rather bury their heads. I remember one friend visiting my child in hospital and the look on her face summed up the fear I sensed in everyone around us."

This summer we’ll highlight the impact of loneliness on carers and shine a light on the causes. Alongside our efforts to improve access to breaks, we’ll be seeking to share real stories to improve understanding.

Will you help build the conversation?

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