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Spending on carers should be at the heart of NHS policy

24 November 2011

If PCTs do not spend their full budget for breaks on supporting carers, it is a false economy, says Carers UK.

According to a report by The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care, not enough money is being spent on carers’ services in spite of the Government giving £400m to Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to provide breaks and support.

In a time of cuts to services when PCTs are supposed to be making efficiency savings, spending more on carers makes economic sense because respite breaks and other support helps them to care more effectively.

Carers have been frustrated that the spending allocated by central Government to Primary Care Trusts for carers to have a much needed break are not reaching them.   The evidence shows that thousands of carers are going without breaks, which can help them to continue caring.  

The UK’s 6.4 million carers provide £119bn of free care which supports the NHS, so any funding which provides support will more than repay its investment.

Carers UK concluded that consideration of carers needs should be fully integrated into the planning and delivery of health services.






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