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Nutricia nurses to help families providing care get vital advice

30 May 2012

Carers UK and Nutricia have teamed up to provide Nutricia nurses with a new resource aimed at getting advice to relatives who are caring for those loved ones.

The new leaflet, which nurses will give to family members as they visit patients homes, will help carers to access essential advice on financial and practical support as they care.

There are six million people currently providing care, unpaid, throughout the UK and every year, 2 million are new to caring. Millions of families have missed out on vital information and advice that could make a real difference to their lives. Carers UK's research shows that up to four out of ten carers could be missing out on the main benefit, Carer's Allowance, worth nearly £3,000 per year. Not getting the right advice and support at the right time can hit carers hard. 77% say that their finances have been affected by caring, one in six has given up work to care, and 8 out of 10 say their health has been affected by caring. Carers also need access to specialist advice that helps them in their caring role. For example, 60% of carers worry about the nutrition of the person for whom they care and many feel they don't get the right information and advice.

This initiative aims to change that. Nutricia nurses will be distributing the leaflet about how to get help when they visit people's homes, and those patients who receive their Homeward delivery during Carers Week will receive a copy. The leaflet will direct families who care to Carers UK's advice services which can provide the specialist advice and signposting that carers desperately need. Launched in time for Carers Week 2012 (June 18 - 24), the initiative is part of the ongoing partnership between Carers UK and Nutricia, supporting carers to better understand what good nutritional care should look like. Nutricia have an experienced team of nurses who support people with a broad spectrum of nutritional needs, from those who are entirely dependent on supported enteral nutrition to those who may need to be nutritionally screened for malnutrition, short term supplementation and advice on nutrition.

Heléna Herklots, Chief Executive of Carers UK said, "Homeward Nurses will support many family members who provide care and ensure their loved one gets the right nutrition. This initiative is a great way to reach carers who simply do not know what other help is out there with caring. So many carers don't know where to turn and end up without the right care and support, which can have a devastating effect on their health, well-being and finances. We aim to change that by working in partnership with organisations like Nutricia."

Carers UK and Nutricia are also sponsoring an award for the British Care Awards on Saturday 23rd June that will celebrate the contribution of carers who go the extra mile by volunteering to help in their local communities.





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