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Carers UK welcomes joint committee report on funding for social care

27 June 2018

The joint report out today by two Committees of cross party MPs, the Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Health and Social Care Committee, calls for new contributions from individuals and employers into a dedicated fund to be ringfenced to help pay for the growing demand for social care in the future. Highlighting the immense strain that the current system is under, including families providing unpaid care, the MPs have proposed a series of measures including a new “Social Care Premium”.

Carers UK was pleased to submit evidence to the Inquiry and present at the Citizen’s Assembly giving facts and evidence about carers’ lives, the impact of a shortage of good quality social care, and the potential of a better funded system for families and the people for whom they care. The report from the Citizen’s Assembly will be published this evening. 

Heléna Herklots CBE, Chief Executive of Carers UK said,

“Carers UK welcomes the launch of today’s joint report on the future funding of social care setting out bold proposals about how care might be funded. The Committee’s recommendation that the personal element of social care, such as help with washing, dressing and eating, should in time be delivered free to everyone who needs it will be warmly received by families struggling to meet the costs of care. The report clearly sets out the enormous strain that families are under currently with increasingly tight publicly funded services.

“Funding good quality affordable care has to be a priority for the future, including carers’ breaks and the ability to stay healthy and well. We are extremely concerned that the next few years will be even harder as families who are already stretched continue to be placed under immense pressure with the shortage of care. Carers provided strong evidence of the need for greater investment in breaks in evidence to our State of Caring survey - 40% of carers reported they had not had a break in over a year, not even for a day. This is not the mark of a civilised society that respects and values care that is provided unpaid and we need a radical shift in the way that we view and value their support.

“We congratulate the Committees on a clear and thoughtful piece of work and urge the Government to consider the findings carefully along with a solution to tackle the immediate crisis for funding care.”

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