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Carers UK welcomes CQC report into experiences of older people moving between health and social care

03 July 2018

The Care Quality Commission has today released a report ‘Beyond Barriers’ which looks at the experiences of older people moving between health and care services. The report pulls together findings from a review of 20 local systems and outlines how services are working together to support people aged over 65 and what improvements could be made.

Emily Holzhausen, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Carers UK said:

“Carers UK welcomes this report which looks at the whole system.  So often we hear from carers who see support fall at the transfer between different services and particularly across the boundaries of health and social care and this was clear in the evidence that the CQC received from carers, and in the evidence within local reviews.   We warmly welcome the fact that the report included carers, referring to our research, and clearly demonstrated that so often they feel that they have to coordinate care between different agencies.   

This report clearly demonstrates the need for the health and care system to be seen and regulated as a whole rather than as separate pieces.  

The report contains many valuable lessons for local services, but also highlights a number of gaps. We agree that funding, commissioning and regulation needs to change to address the whole system and the interaction between different services.

When Government addresses this point about the future funding of social care in its Green Paper, it also needs to look at how carers experience the NHS and look at tackling the relative invisibility of carers within the NHS.   We cannot have a system where carers have a parity of esteem in social care legislation, yet do not appear in NHS legislation.  We need to see a duty on the NHS which requires them to identify carers and promote their health and wellbeing.   Until we redress this imbalance, carers will not experience integrated services.”

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