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Carers UK responds to new research on numbers of care home places needed

16 August 2017

Commenting on new research from Newcastle University showing as life expectancy increases so too are the number of years older adults spend with significant care needs.

Heléna Herklots CBE, Chief Executive of Carers UK said:

“This research shows again the urgency of increasing investment in our care system. Families have been taking on ever growing levels of intensity of caring responsibilities for their older and disabled relatives and friends as we’ve seen the amounts of social care funding fall relative to the numbers of people needing care. The current level of unpaid care is estimated to be worth £132 billion each year but without the right support brings negative consequences for the physical and mental health of carers, for their finances and relationships.

Good quality, affordable social care is an essential part of our national infrastructure and should be a key plank of the Government’s industrial strategy. The majority of those currently providing unpaid care are of working age and over 2 million people have already given up work to care. Increasing reliance on family care is not sustainable and there is an urgent need for an action plan from the Government on how they will improve support to carers now and in the future.”

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