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Carers UK responds to latest CQC State of Care report

17 October 2014

Carers UK welcomes CQC’s message that it is calling time on the poor quality care that is letting down families, employers and society as a whole.

In response to the Care Quality Commission's recently-published State of Care report 2013/14, Chief Executive of Carers UK Heléna Herklots said:

"Each and every person has a right to expect high standards of care and poor quality services have a knock-on impact on employers and the wider economy as we lose skilled staff from the workplace when carers cannot manage any more. Estimates suggest the cost to our economy of carers who are unable to work is £5.3 billion a year.
Good quality care means dignity and respect for the person being cared for and gives carers peace of mind that the person they love is well looked after.
As our population ages and people live for longer, more and more of us are being called upon to care for disabled, older or seriously-ill loved ones, often juggling this alongside work and childcare for young children. High quality and reliable care services are absolutely essential to support carers and help them to manage these responsibilities.
Inadequate care services can have a devastating effect as arrangements break down leaving carers to pick up the pieces at the expense of their work, relationships and personal wellbeing."
  • The State of Care report gives CQC's perspective on the state of health and adult social care in England.

  • Carers UK's report Quality of care and carers sets out important evidence on the impact of care quality on carers and the consequences of good and poor quality care for families, employers and the UK economy.

  • Carers UK is encouraging all those with concerns or positive comments about care services to share their experience for review by CQC inspectors. This can be done anonymously if preferred.

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