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Carers UK comments on the report, Caring for Carers, by the think tank, Social Market Foundation

16 July 2018

Emily Holzhausen OBE, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Carers UK, commented on the newly published report, Caring for Carers, by the think tank Social Market Foundation, published today (Monday 16 July 2018):

“This report demonstrates much of the evidence that we’ve amassed over the past few years and takes it one step further.   Caring is on the rise, the number of hours that individuals are doing is on the rise and caring can have clear negative impact on employment.

“This underlines our repeated call for stronger action from Government for greater funding for social care, for better awareness and recognition from the NHS and greater support in employment to be able to juggle work and care.

“With reducing Government funding and rising needs with an ageing population, it is no wonder that caring provided by families, unpaid, is on the rise.  Yet the financial and personal consequences of this are significant for families, business and the economy.   Only last week we published our State of Caring 2018 survey showing that 72% of carers had experienced mental ill-health as a result of caring, 35% had given up work to care, one in seven had seen a reduction in services even though their needs had stayed the same.  We heard from carers struggling financially to make ends meet, people who were exhausted and unable to look after their own health needs, and many who were losing the battle to juggle work and care. 

“What families and friends who care want is to be able to manage caring with work and other commitments, protect their health and not be in poverty.  The moral, social and economic imperative of supporting carers by having a sustainably funded social care system, better recognition in the NHS and stronger support at work is ever more urgent for Government to act on.   The Green Paper on social care and the 10 year strategy for the NHS offer opportunities to act on carers’ needs and make a real difference."

The Social Market Foundation report can be found here:

Carers UK’s State of Caring report can be found here:

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