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Carers UK campaign round up

08 October 2007

October 2007: A snapshot of our campaigning over the past few months and how it is making a real difference to carers' lives.


Caring comes with a price. Many carers fall into poverty and suffer severe financial hardship as a direct result of caring.

What Carers UK has been doing

Distributed thousands of real change not short change postcards urging carers to send a message to Gordon Brown to improve carer benefits.

Launched new research calculating the value of carers' economic contribution at £87 billion a year.


Carers make a huge contribution to society, yet have no real recognition or rights.

What Carers UK has been doing

Carried out our biggest ever consultation with carers to make sure carers' voices shape the forthcoming National Carers Strategy.

Run events at all three main party conferences to raise the profile of carers amongst politicians and policy makers.

Employment discrimination

Carers wishing to work are often discriminated against because care services do not fit around their working lives and employers do not support flexible working.

What Carers UK has been doing

Published new research with Leeds University highlighting patchy support for working carers.

Isolation and social exclusion

Caring can be an isolating activity and carers are at risk of missing out on parts of everyday life that others take for granted.

What Carers UK has been doing

Given evidence to the Government about the need for anti-discrimination laws to protect carers.

Promoted the potential of telecare (gadgets, alarms and monitors in the home) to transform the lives of carers and the people they care for, by increasing independence, enhancing quality of life and enabling carers to take up employment.

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