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An MP who spoke at Carers UK's lobby of Parliament has tabled a motion in support of Carers Rights Day (05 December)

New research unveils extreme hardship amongst Scotland's unpaid carers

New research unveils extreme hardship among the nation's carers. The number of carers struggling to make ends meet has risen dramatically since 2007. Two-thirds in fuel poverty; over half in debt; over half cutting back on essentials like food or heating to make ends meet.

GMTV's money saving expert Martin Lewis has given his backing to Carers Rights Day.

Carers UK has signed up with Everyclick - a one stop shop that enables consumers to access effective and engaging ways to give online.

The Employment Tribunal in London has ruled that protection for carers against discrimination "by association with disability" can be given under existing UK law, paving the way for carers to make immediate claims against their employers if they are treated unfairly.

25th November 2008

Carers UK has welcomed yesterday's announcement by the Chancellor Alistair Darling MP that all carers who are entitled to Carer's Allowance will receive an additional payment of £60. This is on top of the usual £10 Christmas Bonus which they will receive. The increase will be paid automatically in the New Year to all those who qualify.


Local councils are being urged to provide better support to carers managing direct payments, rather than saddling them with the burden of unnecessary administration and worry in the Government's drive towards personalisation of care services.

Organisations with the expertise to help carers are being invited to become part of a national programme called Caring with Confidence.

Caring with Confidence is a new programme aimed at making a positive difference to carers and those they care for.

Well over half of respondents to a brand new poll of adults in England carried out by the 'Right care, Right deal' campaign think that the social care system for older people is "depressing". 57% of people questioned were prepared to agree with that description, with 51% of respondents stating that social care for older people who need help is "confusing".


Carers UK is backing a new campaign called 'Get Fair' which aims to highlight how many people in the UK such as disabled people and the elderly are living in poverty.

Carers UK has received a letter from Minister Ivan Lewis MP seeking carers views on the future of care and support.

An influential committee of MPs have today published a report on the support available to carers. Carers UK has welcomed their call for replacement of the current 'outdated' carers' benefits.

Carers UK is backing carer Helen Coughlan's fight to obtain the care package her disabled brother desperately needs, but which is being drastically reduced by her local Primary Care Trust in Redbridge, Surrey.

Carers can't wait. That was the message coming loud and clear from a series of meetings attended by hundreds of the UK's carers in July 2008.

Carers Wales has been pushing the Welsh Assembly Government and Assembly Members to introduce new Welsh legislation to promote equality and wellbeing for carers. Yesterday the First Minister, Rhodri Morgan AM, confirmed that the government would be seeking powers "to provide support for carers by placing appropriate duties on public sector organisations". The LCO put forward earlier in the year by Helen Mary Jones AM and which received unanimous support in the Assembly, will provide a platform for the full government proposal.

Carers UK is delighted that USDAW is calling for radical reform of Carer’s Allowance. Caring can have a devastating impact on carers’ finances and one in five carers is forced to give up work, losing on average £11,000 in income.

Employers for Carers is launching today (Thursday 12th June) as a new national membership forum offering a range of support from information on good practice to training and consultancy.


On June 10th 2008 the Government published its National Strategy for Carers. The document is called "Carers at the heart of 21st century families and communities" and it includes a set of commitments and a ten year vision for what support for carers should be like by 2018.

Carers across the country could be putting their own health at risk by ignoring symptoms or not finding the time to visit their own GP for help and advice. The results of a new nationwide survey of 2,000 carers - reveal that more than three-quarters of those questioned (77%) feel that their health is worse as a result of the strain of caring (for many, up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Following lobbying by Carers UK, the Government has agreed to amend a new bill to ensure carers are listened to. The Health and Social Care Bill will create a new Care Quality Commission and the amendments will ensure it has regard to carers' views and consults them alongside service users.


Caring with Confidence, a new programme which will help carers make a positive difference to their life, and that of the person they care for, has today been unveiled.

Rising care charges are putting older and disabled people at risk of not being able to afford to eat, heat their homes, wash or get essential support, says a new report published today (4 June) by the Coalition on Charging.


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