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Carers UK has welcomed the new report on social care from the influential Health Select Committee.

Carers UK Trustee Rosemary Whitehurst met Prime Minister Gordon Brown when the Cabinet visited Exeter in February 2010. Read her view of the meeting and what she asked the Prime Minister about carers in an article she wrote for the Exeter Express & Echo.


Carers UK welcomes Law Commission proposals to overhaul law on care

Carers UK welcomes Lib Dem carers breaks announcement but urges bigger debate

For the first time, it will be possible for an unpaid carer looking after a loved one to build up a full basic State Pension based entirely on National Insurance credits.

Comment from Imelda Redmond CBE, Chief Executive of Carers UK on today's social care conference and Conservative concerns for the role of unpaid carers.

Charity urges all political parties to take action before 'tipping point for care' is reached

Carers UK says social care debate must not be 'drowned out' by party political electioneering


10th February 2010

Carers UK Chief Executive Imelda Redmond CBE said:

"The reform of social care is one of the greatest challenges our society faces in the 21st century. Our care system is crumbling as it struggles to cope with an ageing population and people living longer with disability.

Difficult decisions need to be made on how to fund the vital changes needed to deliver a fair, transparent and sustainable care system for the future. That requires a mature and sensible debate on how we face the care challenge as a society.

This crucial debate must not be drowned out by media soundbites and electioneering. It is particularly disappointing to see these difficult issues reduced to slogans and posters, and for care of older people to be associated with negative images of gravestones.

The carers and families we represent are struggling now and desperately need decent services and support. They will not accept social care becoming a party political football.

Carers UK look forward to the publication of the White Paper on Care and Support and we urge all political parties to enter into a considered and grown-up debate on this most profound of challenges."

The charities Age Concern/Help the Aged, Carers UK, Parkinson's Disease Society and Counsel and Care have come together to call for politicians to throw their support behind the Personal Care at Home Bill which is due to have its Second Reading in the House of Lords on Monday 1 February 2010.


With the Second Reading of the Bill, which will make personal care free to people most in need in their homes, Carers UK is seeking clarification from Government about carers.

Carers UK has welcomed new support for carers from the Department of Work and Pensions, aimed at supporting carers to combine paid work with caring.

One in six carers give up or cut back work to care and face a significant drop in income which can continue for several years. New research by Ipsos MORI for Carers Rights Day shows the average carer in Britain today cares for around six-and-a-half years clocking up an average of 27 hours a week.


With their focus on making sure their partner, parent or disabled child has the care they need, over half haven't thought about or started to save towards their long-term financial future. This includes around a third who haven't even thought this far ahead.

A separate study of round-the-clock carers by Carers UK reveals that over a third (35%) had missed out on benefits like Carer's Allowance because they didn't realise they could claim. Half (49%) said that not getting these benefits affected their health and two in five that they were struggling financially. One in five said they were in debt because of missing out.

Today Carers UK and the Department for Work and Pensions are calling on all carers to check they get all the financial help and practical support on offer.

Imelda Redmond, Chief Executive of Carers UK said: "Caring can take a massive toll on carers' finances. Whilst facing hugely reduced incomes from giving up work or reducing their hours, carers face all the additional costs of care. With potentially a decade of caring ahead of them, Carers UK urges carers to seek advice and claim the benefits they are entitled to."

Minister of State for Pensions and Ageing Society Angela Eagle said: "From April next year, Government reforms will enable people who look after someone for more than 20 hours a week to build up entitlement to a basic state pension, thereby helping those who may not even think of themselves as a carer safeguard their financial future."

To coincide with Carers Rights Day, Carers UK is publishing two new advice guides, Caring about your pension and Looking after someone: A carer's guide to rights and entitlements.

Carers UK has welcomed the announcement by the Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, that carers would a priority group for vaccinations against swine flu.

A delegation of Carers UK members have been to Number Ten to hand in the Carers Poverty Charter which calls for urgent action to improve carer finances.

Charities working with older people, carers and disabled people are up in arms after the Government has reneged on a promise to publish the financial modelling behind the care funding Green Paper.

Government announces review of support for carers in employment and an increase in the earnings limit for Carer's Allowance.


Carers UK with backing from the Daily Mirror is calling for carers to be allowed extra time off work when they are unable to cope. One in five people looking after someone find it impossible to balance a job and caring. Carers UK is backing the Daily Mirror's caring for carers campaign and calling for carer's leave to be made law.

How will the political parties approach care in the run up to a general election? Will it influence people's voting habits? Carers UK is shaping debate on the future of social care by hosting fringe events at the party conferences of the three main political parties.

Harriet Harman has stepped up the Government's action to raise awareness of flexible working rights for carers with the publication of a new survey showing that millions were unaware of flexible working rights for parents and carers.

Carers UK is concerned that £150 million given to Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) is not being spent on its intended purpose of giving carers a break.

Carers UK is receiving increasing numbers of calls from carers about pandemic flu. This statement outlines what action we are taking to press the government and what the current advice is for carers.

SCIE (Social Care Institue for Excellence) in conjunction with Carers UK has published a new briefing about personalisation and carers.

Carers UK reaction to care and support green paper

Carers UK today warned of significant economic and social problems if the Government and all political parties do not get to grips with the care crisis facing the country

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