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Carers UK responds to Chancellor's Spending Review

04 September 2019

The Chancellor today (Wednesday 4th September 2019) set out the Government’s spending priorities in a one-year budget review, committing £1.5 billion to social care.

Responding to the Chancellor’s statement, Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK said:

“The Government’s proposed £1.5 billion injection for our social care services is a much needed step in the right direction and will help stabilise the current system which has undergone years of underinvestment.

“However, this money will be a short-term sticking plaster if the Government does not swiftly set out sustainable and effective plans to reform our social care system in the longer term. Until these reforms are laid out millions of unpaid carers and the people they support will continue to face exhaustion, financial hardship, isolation, and poor physical and mental health.

“Investing in our social care system and supporting England’s 5.4 million unpaid carers who prop it up go hand in hand. While we would have liked the Chancellor to acknowledge unpaid carers directly, we look forward to understanding the detail and working across Parliament to develop social care reform that has carers at its heart.”

Ahead of the Spending Review Carers UK wrote to the Chancellor calling for an injection of funds to bridge the immediate funding gap for social care, for specific money to be made available for unpaid carers to be able to take a break from caring, and for Government to outline in detail a sustainable and effective plan for how social care will be delivered and funded over the longer-term.

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