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Carers and nutrition - New resources for carers and local groups

27 April 2011

Carers UK and Nutricia have joined forces to embark on a mission for good nutrition among the sick and elderly.

Carers UK carried out research amongst its members which highlighted that almost three quarters (73%) said that they were providing round the clock care for frail elderly and sick relatives. The majority said that they were worried that their loved ones were not getting the correct nutrition, and many also found it difficult to look after their own health.

This partnership will provide carers with information and resources on nutritional care for both themselves and their loved ones.

Throughout the year, Carers UK will be publishing new research on carers and nutrition along with providing you with resources which will:

  • help you offer better advice and information to carers to improve nutrition in the family and tackle worries
  • give you resources for your local support groups to discuss nutrition in a way that adds value and supports carers
  • provide you with information about how to work with your local authority and your Primary Care Trust/GP consortium to improve policy and joint work around carers and nutrition – plugging into new sources of work and potential funding locally
  • raise awareness with carers about nutrition
  • show what local groups have achieved in raising nutrition issues, offering new ideas, ways of working and demonstrating outcomes

You can download the first briefing on carers and nutrition below.

Order your resources for Carers Week

Many local groups will be holding events around health and well-being during Carers Week. Carers UK and Nutricia have teamed up to produce supportive information on nutrition designed for carers who are worried about the person they care for.

“Just a few weeks after seeking advice from my doctor on how to improve his nutritional intake, he was so much stronger. The colour came back into his cheeks and he was sitting up and joining in card games with the kids” (carer, UK)

To receive the information on how good nutrition can support you in your role as a carer, please complete this form.

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