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Statement on the Vincent family

20 January 2011

The case of Riven Vincent and her family today highlights the dangers for families, society and the economy of failing to invest in care which supports families caring for disabled relatives.

Imelda Redmond CBE, Chief Executive of Carers UK said, "We get calls every day from carers who are pushed to breaking point, feeling like they have to battle for every bit of support they get. And yet families like them save the state a staggering £87 billion a year. For the sake of a few hundred pounds a month, the local authority would be paying thousands in care costs, not to mention the emotional damage done to a family who has tried to cope against all odds.

This is a critical time for families, like the Vincent family, as local authorities are forced to make massive cuts and the axe hangs over care and support services. Carers UK has launched a Support Families: Don't Cut Care campaign - to ask local authorities to prioritise care in this bleak economic environment. What we also need is a sustainable solution for funding of social care - otherwise, coupled with cuts, this situation will become more and more common as families are driven to breaking point, pushing into poverty and despair along the way."

We want all carers to tell us what it is like caring now and complete our State of Caring survey - which will measure how things are for carers now. You can complete the survey here...

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