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Carers UK welcomes 'NHS information revolution'

19 October 2010
Carers UK has welcomed the release of Department of Health consultation papers on delivering an 'information revolution in the NHS.

Carers UK today gave a warm welcome to the new NHS consultation on information and the NHS, saying "These proposals have the potential to completely change and revolutionise the way that patients and carers are able to receive and manage information about their care. The NHS and social care are very outdated in the way that they view people's ability to access and view information. In an information society there is an expectation that this should and must change. With public finances under pressure it is vital that we use information in the best way possible to design the best services and help families manage care better.

The NHS information revolution has the power to have life-changing impacts on families. There are increasing numbers of people struggling to juggle work and care whilst looking after close relatives often at a distance. Access to health and social care records, particularly online, could make all the difference, reduce stress and improving health long term. Carers of people with complex conditions also say that better information is a high priority and the evidence is that having better information improves their health and their feelings of control. 41% of carers providing round the clock who had reached breaking point placed part of the blame on frustration with bureaucracy."

Carers UK's full consultation response will be published online shortly. The Department of Health consultation papers can be found at

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