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Carers UK backing Go On

03 December 2010

Caring can make people very isolated but carers tell us the internet can make a big difference. That's why we're backing the Go On campaign to get more people online finding out about their rights and entitlements.

Online shopping, booking breaks, staying in touch with friends, finding out critical imformation and campaigning for better deal for carers - these are all some of the ways carers use the internet. Here are some comments from carers on Carers UK's Facebook page :

the internet is an essential as a carer for me not a luxury as many non carers will view it. Keeps me informed and helps to avoid isolation too

Its our lifeline, we couldn't do without, online shopping, online billing, online banking and online prescriptions......... plus its a brilliant social outlet for me!

I would feel completely isolated without the internet I shop, pay bills, use social networking - it may be a virtual life but I'd feel like a prisoner in solitary confinement without it!

This is why Carers UK is backing Go On - a new campaign to get more people using the internet. We want more carers to get online and find out about their rights and entitlements.

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