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Carers debated by party Leaders

16 April 2010
Carers UK today welcomed the fact that Leaders Debate broadcast on ITV chose care as one of only 8 topics following a concerted effort to get the issue raised by the Care and Support Alliance, which is convened by Carers UK.

The Care and Support Alliance is made up of over 30 different disability, carers and older people's organisations - seeking to secure better debate and action on funding for care. The main party manifestos have all included measures on care and we are now seeing the debate hotting up as we move ever closer to the election.

Imelda Redmond CBE, Chief Executive of Carers UK said, "Carers UK is pleased that the leaders have focussed on care and better support for carers in their first ever televised debate. This is one of the biggest issues of our current times, socially and economically and every bit as pressing as climate change. We have a crumbling care system and it urgently needs fixing. We need vision, commitment and practical action from all parties to ensure that we go forward with sensible solutions which will improve people's lives.

The lack of sufficient funding for care is causing hardship for millions of families. People have had no choice but to give up work to care because there is a shortage of care. By 2014 we will already have reached the tipping point for care when the numbers of older people needing care will already have outstripped the numbers of people able to provide it.

It is vital that we keep the question of funding care and supporting families on the election agenda right up to polling day and beyond. Every bit of action that people can take to question the parties, join in debates on the radio, TV, web, with newspapers - will make a difference. We want everyone to "Ask the Care Question" in this election, to secure better support for carers and their families.

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