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New corporate partnership will drive awareness and support for unpaid carers

16 November 2018

Carers UK and leading energy and services company Centrica are joining forces to help improve the lives of the 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK.

Building on their previous work developing flexible workplace policies for carers, the two organisations are entering a three year partnership which will see them work together to increase awareness and understanding of the issues faced by carers across the United Kingdom.

The partnership, which includes joining up with Carers Scotland and Carers Wales, will also see the organisations collaborating to develop new technology and services that can help carers improve their day-to-day lives.

Madeleine Starr, MBE, Director of Business Development and Innovation at Carers UK, said:

“With more focus in the workplace on flexibility and productivity, alongside an ageing population, workplace support for carers is becoming an increasingly important issue.

 “Our strategic partnership over the next three years will align both our organisations on our areas of expertise, where we can work together to make a difference for carers who need our support. 

“Together we aim to bring about a step change in the way that society recognises, values and supports carers.”

Simi Dubb, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Centrica, said:

“We’ve partnered with Carers UK because we are committed to making a difference and one way we will do this is by continuing to support our employees with caring responsibilities and encouraging other employers to do the same.

“We will also be exploring different ways to help improve the lives of our customers who are carers.”

The energy company aims to raise £1 million for Carers UK over the course of the partnership.


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