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Jointly app featured as Mumsnet's guest campaign

17 March 2016

Carers UK’s Jointly app is this week’s Mumsnet guest campaign, helping carers co-ordinate the care of a loved one.

Jointly 210x190Our campaign is based on the popular saying: ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Especially when your child has a disability. Or if you’re also looking after your folks.

Most of us don’t live in these ‘villages’ where everyone’s willing to pitch in. That’s exactly how Carers UK’s care organiser app Jointly can help.

Jointly creates a virtual village of family and friends who can help care for your child. Or your folks.

Co-ordinate pick-ups, appointments medication and a multitude of other tasks, keeping everyone in the know with a tap, swipe, click.  

Designed in consultation with carers, Jointly brings together key care organisation features into a single tool:

  • one central place to store and share the important information about the person being looked after
  • simple, intuitive group communication to keep everyone informed and better connected
  • shared calendar, task allocation and medication manager to help co-ordinate responsibilities and organise what needs to be done
  • works across different devices: smartphone, tablet or home computer / laptop

Want to know more? Watch the video.

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