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Unplanned Journey – Tiggy Walker opens up in new book

28 August 2015

Our 50th Anniversary Patron Tiggy Walker is launching her new book Unplanned Journey on 8 September – a photographic journal charting her experience of cancer diagnosis and treatment. All royalties will be generously donated to Carers UK.

I am Tiggy Walker. 52 years old. Married. No kids. One dog. In 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to face it full on. I had no idea where this journey would lead but a deep instinct told me to get it captured photographically. What resulted is Unplanned Journey which can hopefully help support others, be they a breast cancer patient or their carer.

Unplanned JourneysIn 2003, Tiggy was flung into the rollercoaster of becoming a full time carer. Newly married, her husband Johnnie Walker had just been diagnosed with life threatening cancer. In 2013, the roles were reversed when Tiggy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and Johnnie cared for her.

Tiggy wanted to create something positive from her fight through breast cancer, so decided to document her journey. She kept a diary and hired portrait photographer Bella West to take sensitive, candid photogaphs at different stages of her treatment.

Unplanned Journey follows Tiggy from diagnosis to rehabilitation and captures her relationship, friendships, tears, triumphs, exhaustion and elation. She also reflects on her own experiences of caring for Johnnie during his cancer treatment. 

Tiggy and Johnnie Walker are Patrons of Carers UK in our 50th Anniversary year, and Tiggy is generously donating royalties from the sale of the book to Carers UKand dedicating it to the carers who make these unplanned journeys bearable.

  • Click here to order your copy of Unplanned Journey
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