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  • Stories

    Warren Grimes

    20 February 2013

    Warren has been caring for his mother since 1995 when a stroke left her hemiplegic. Although he doesn’t live with his mother, Wayne has to be available at all times of day if she needs him. He describes ...
  • Stories

    Melissa Mostyn-Thomas

    14 January 2013

    Melissa cares for her daughter who has cerebral palsy. Now that her daughter is three she'd like to get back to work but is finding it very hard. Who do you care for and how long have ...
  • Stories

    Susan Brock

    17 December 2012

    Susan cares for both of her parents and her son. Her life has changed completely since she became a carer. She expected the State to provide services for her and her parents and son but has discovered that everything ...
  • Stories

    Amanda Hinchcliffe : Life as a sandwich carer

    10 December 2012

    Amanda cares for her uncle, Melvin, who has lived with her family for 20 years. Amanda, who has two teenage children, is one of the UK’s 2.4 million “sandwich carers” - carers who juggle looking after an elderly, disabled or ...
  • Stories

    Patricia Rolston

    12 November 2012

    Patricia has been caring for her daughter for 38 years. She thinks it's time the Government stopped ignoring carers and started helping them like they promised. Who do you care for and how long have you been caring?

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