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General Election 2019

With a General Election taking place in December 2019, Carers UK are calling on all political parties, and all Parliamentary candidates, to commit to improving the lives of the UK’s 6.5 million unpaid carers over the next five years.

manifesto 2019Ahead of polling day, we have created a manifesto which outlines the top priorities unpaid carers want to see delivered by the next Government. It outlines why the UK’s unpaid carers are in desperate need of increased support and recognition and what needs to change.

You can read our ‘manifesto for carers 2019’ in full here:

Carers UK's Manifesto for carers  


How can you help?

Send our manifesto to your Parliamentary Candidates!

We want all parliamentary candidates to hear that supporting unpaid carers matters to voters. So we are asking people to send our manifesto to the parliamentary candidates standing in your constituency, ahead of the election.

We want to do this to ensure our future elected representatives understand and are aware of the needs of unpaid carers. Completing this campaign action will only takes a couple of minutes and could make a really big difference to the support that carers receive! 

You can send our manifesto to your Parliamentary Candidates here!

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