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Reform of adult social care – Keep Your Promise, Boris.

Carers UK is urging the Prime Minister to keep his promise to ‘fix social care’.

The Prime Minister said he would ‘fix social care once and for all’ on his first day in office.

Millions of older and disabled people who aren’t receiving the care they need, carers who desperately need better support, and care workers who deserve better pay are relying on him to follow through. We’re urging the Prime Minister to deliver on his promise.

Before the pandemic many unpaid carers were struggling with the level of support they and the person they are caring for received. It was impacting their ability to work, their finances, their relationships and their physical and mental health.

The pandemic has left many carers worn out and overwhelmed. 81% have been providing more care for relatives and 64% haven’t been able to take any breaks whatsoever. A huge majority (78%) have seen their loved ones’ health deteriorate in this time.

Carers need more support as a matter of urgency. Social care reform is vital and it’ll take all sides of Parliament to make it happen.

Carers' stories

At the beginning of the first lockdown in March 2020 Elaine and her husband Ian, who has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, lost their support overnight. Elaine had no choice but to take on many more hours of care for Ian, putting huge strain on her physical health and ability to work. The support she and Ian need has not returned and Elaine says she is “absolutely knackered”. Read more about Elaine’s experience of caring with reduced support.

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What does Carers UK want to see?

Care reform is a big job, and it’ll take all sides of Parliament to make it happen.

To meet his promise the Prime Minister must do at least two other things as well: first, he must invest significantly more money into councils’ social care budgets so everyone who needs care benefits. Carers urgently need additional support to get breaks from caring, help with finances, and support to juggle work and care.

And secondly, he must give care staff a fair rate of pay and the professional respect they deserve for the important work they do

We all want high quality care to be available when we or a loved one needs it, and reforming and investing in care now could make this possible.

You can find out more about the campaign here

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