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Caring Behind Closed Doors

Millions of people are providing care unpaid every day. During this national crisis many carers have had to provide more care for their elderly, sick or disabled family or friends.

Our report, Caring Behind Closed Doors, found 70% of carers are providing more care than before. Over a third are providing that care because of the closure or reduction of local services. Carers were already under pressure before, but now over half (55%) tell us they feel overwhelmed and are worried they are going to burn out in the next few weeks.

Unpaid carers are fighting the same battle as care staff and many of our NHS workers: yet they are doing it behind closed doors and with far less recognition. It is unfair that carers are feeling ignored and invisible at this time and we would like your help in telling the Government that they must take more action to support carers.

We are calling on the Government to:

  • Raise awareness and recognition of unpaid carers
  • Increase the level of Carer’s Allowance
  • Increase the availability and delivery of testing and PPE to paid care workers and carers
  • Make care a priority

You can help ask for more support for carers.

Take a photo of yourself with our placard (or make your own if you don’t have access to a printer) and share on Facebook or Twitter, making sure to use the hashtag #CaringBehindClosedDoors

Download the placard here

Caring Behind Closed Doors Placard

Share your support on Twitter here

Share your support on Facebook or other social media platforms by using this text:

Millions of people are #CaringBehindClosedDoors I'm joining Carers UK's campaign asking the Gov to raise the profile of unpaid carers, raise Carer's Allowance, increase testing & PPE for care workers and unpaid carers and to make care a priority 

You could also tag your MP in the post – you can find their social media details using this website if you don’t know them already.

What Carers UK is doing

Since the outbreak, Carers UK has placed a high value on information and advice to carers, providing carers with clear information about the changes, new rules and how to manage.

Carers UK, Carers Wales, Carers Scotland and Carers Northern Ireland quickly raised issues with our Governments on behalf of carers, highlighting the concerns carers have been raising with us through our help line, online forum and our communication channels. We are continuing to work hard to ensure that carers voices are heard by the nation Governments, and that they provide support, advice and guidance for carers.

Find out more

You can read more about the challenges faced by carers during the coronavirus outbreak in our report, Caring Behind Closed Doors, here.

You can information and advice about caring during the coronavirus outbreak here.

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