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Around the clock

Caring happens in all kinds of ways. 

It happens during the night: a mother soothes her anxious child with autism, a husband helps his wife to sleep more comfortably, a daughter lies awake waiting for a sign of distress from her father's room.

And of course it happens in the day, whether we're dedicating every waking moment to looking after someone or whether we're juggling care with other aspects of work and family life.

Some of these situations are obvious to all, but many are hidden. Even those close to us may have no idea what our caring role involves, and how caring affects our lives.

Around The Clock is our opportunity to show how caring touches our lives, by creating a shared video record of 24 hours of caring.

Inspired by the spectacular 2010 film Life in a Day, we hope that carers throughout the UK will capture footage on Sunday 15 February, from 00:00 to 23:59, to bring out some of these hidden stories.

If you've got a video on your phone or a camcorder of some kind, film something which gives a glimpse of your caring role - whether you're on camera or behind the camera, at home or out and about. If you can't make a video, you could send a photo and a caption instead.

Alarm Clock drawingWe'll update this page with information and ideas - so for now just add the date to your diary and perhaps consider the aspects of your caring role that you'd like to come across on camera.

We may not win any Oscars with our final film, but we do hope we'll receive enough footage to give a good glimpse into the round-the-clock reality of caring.


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