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London Marathon 2015 blogs

Hear from some of our fantastic runners who will be taking on the London Marathon for Carers UK!

"So far I have raised £1,100 – not much more to go!!"

Maisie Walters-Hill

This month I have felt a bit overwhelmed! I feel I have bitten off more than I can chew. This is the year I get married (18 July) so I am saving, buying, planning and making for that when I can. I decided that 2015 was going to be the best year so there was no way we could miss Glastonbury festival! Honeymoon flights have been booked but no accommodation as yet. I have a full time job which involves coordinating staff and young people through periods of transition which happens to hit peak January– July! I am completing a mentorship programme through work and of course I thought I would top it all off with a lovely long run in April! “EASY” I thought!

"This really is physically and mentally challenging, but the best thing I have ever decided to do."

Louise Flisher

So feeling incredibly happy right now; although I am a little bit stressed about the sponsorship side of things (my 3 Marathon buddies are either over or near their target) I am really happy about how my training is going. I have beaten 3 personal bests, lost 2.5 stone and on target for running 18 miles this Sunday.

"So it is January and the year I run the London Marathon! I’m excited and impatient!"

Maisie Walters-Hill

So it is January and the year I run the London Marathon! I’m excited and impatient!

Since my last blog entry I have run 18 miles, it took me 3 hours 18 minutes but I did have to do some tactical walking. I ran out of music, I got a sore throat from breathing, I got soaked but I did it. I felt marvellous! The next day I had to have an emergency procedure which stopped me from doing any vigorous exercise for 4 weeks. Did I do that? No! After week one I did 3km, a few days later I did 5km and then went back to normal. It was Christmas and I made sure I ate and relaxed. Trying to run again was awful. It felt unnatural and I felt weak.

"This month has been a really positive month for training"

Louise Flisher

So this month has been a really positive month for training. I am feeling a lot more excited than scared!

I have been running at least 25 miles per week and most weeks 40. Sunday is my favourite run of the training programme as I have the most amazing support from my other 3 marathon training partners (Lee, Faye and Colin). Although it is the longest and hardest run of the week (we have been doing 13 miles most Sundays and even Christmas Eve!).

"Everyone should run a marathon once"

Maisie Walters-Hill

I applied to run the London Marathon through the ballot and shock horror as I expected I was unsuccessful.  What next?? I took to Twitter, I tweeted a very frustrated tweet accompanied by a photo of my rejection magazine. Why a rejection magazine? That must surely be the most un-read magazine ever. Within 2 minutes I had been contacted by Carers UK making me aware of their charity places that I could apply for. 15 minutes later, one completed paper application, a phone call and I was IN!

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