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Well I did it!

11 May 2015 by Maise Walters-Hill

The week leading up to the marathon I was a massive ball of anxiety! Huffing and feeling like I could only think about running! Funnily enough I wasn't worried about the running part it was getting to the race and what I was going to wear! There was a last minute Emergancy purchase of another running belt to carry my fuel in! And a mad dash to source a running watch for another Carers UK runner Bec who I know!

LM15MaisieCheerpointI started carb loading on Thursday and used this as an opportunity to eat anything I have craved recently! It did include a Burger King!!! The day before I got all my things out ready, packed a bag for my fiancé to carry for after the race and planned for the worst case scenario. I woke up once and had a fairly good nights sleep!!!! I got dressed had a banana and then noticed the running watch on the floor! My house rabbit had eaten the watch strap and my race number!!!!!!!!!! Only around the edges so both were ok to use.

The train journey was a blur. We arrived at the start and it was freezing cold, Bec and I shared a bin liner for warmth and we had no money to buy a coffee. It took a while to cross the start but I naughtily promoted myself (which they tell you not to do!) to a quicker time slot. And I was off! The first 14 miles were a doddle, I found it hard to establish my race pace due to the amount of runners, but at mile 7 Just like a prayer by Madonna came on and I flew. There were people having barbecues in their front gardens, djing on their balconies and lots of supporters. I saw Carers UK and my friends and family at mile 14 too. I ran straight past and thought "I'm loving this!!" Then I realised, I'm not going to see them again for another 8 miles!!!! I was gutted.

I ran on for those 8 miles into Canary Wharf which was rubbish! I didn't enjoy that part, I kept telling myself "you'll see Aaron soon and you can kiss him" Aaron is the love of my life and truly offered me a glimmer of comfort! I got to him, grabbed his beard, kissed him and said that I loved him! He told me my dad was at mile 25. As I went to run off I glanced at my mum whose face was full of adoration and tears! Some friends faces were the same! It's the type of face I'm used to seeing after a seizure! It's a mixture of love/pity (not pity but feeling sorry for someone! I can't think of the word!) as I ran away I realised "hang on a minute!! I'm 3 miles from dad!!! That's 5k!! You're half hour away from dad! Then that's only 1 mile to the finish" when I struggle with things I have to really break them down to seem achievable!

I think it's fair to say that those 3 miles were hard! And boring. I struggled and was ready to be finished. I put on Just like a prayer and it moved me again! I got to my dad and his eyes were the same as mum! Complete adoration and proudness. My step-mum was there with tears in her eyes and my sister (who is 4) as being beautiful and shy. I hugged my dad and immediately sobbed. "This is hard! I'm so sore" I told him. He had salt all over his face and he was laughing/crying he told me how proud he was and that is effectively done it! I left them with tears rolling down my face.

All of a sudden the crowds erupted with my name and cheers to keep going! They'd seen me struggle and they were picking me up! I'd like to tell you I found this wonderful but at the time I was annoyed that they thought I was crying because of running! But I wasn't! I was crying because I'd seen my dad being so proud of me! I popped on, you guessed it, Just like a prayer, and made my way to the finish! I pulled a sterling sprint finish out the bag n all!!! Go team!!! I crossed that line got my medal and have never walked the same since....I'm joking...however my foots still a bit sore nearly a week and a half on.

It's safe to say I can't listen to like a prayer without crying! It's safe to say I never want to stop wearing my medal! It's safe to say I enjoyed my marathon but dare I tell you that I've already looked at ultra distances??? HELP

I love running and I love Carers UK!

Cheers for listening to my moaning.

  • If you want to follow in Maisie's footsteps and take on the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016, click here to apply for a place with Carers UK.
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