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"It’s rather scary but I’m more scared about logistics on the day!"

15 April 2015

Yesterday was the two week marker. It’s rather scary but I’m more scared about logistics on the day! I so far have had one bad dream where I get lost in London and miss the marathon itself! I woke up gutted so it must mean I want to actually do it!

Since my last blog entry I did my final long run! I ran 23 miles! The weather was awful, it was really windy and was raining. That morning I had no idea what to wear, I could hear the rain whipping at the window, so I googled “what to wear running” and can you believe that a genuine website exists, that you can enter the distance you are running, the weather conditions, how you want to feel and it tells you what you should wear for that weather!! So as it suggested I wore a couple of layers, a wind proof jacket, running tights and a hat. I have never worn a hat running, even through December frosts. I will never run in the winter again without a hat, it kept me so warm and if anything I am so puzzled as to why I hadn’t thought to wear one! The run itself was alright, not the quickest, not the slowest, along the tow path but something had changed. I knew this was the last time I would be out, on my weekend, trudging along slowly, missing lay ins and feeling like the only person struggling. I felt fine with doing it, comfortable and excited about thinking of me doing it in London with people cheering and smiling.

The week after I tapered and I planned to run 13 miles. About an hour in  (half way) I was in a lot of pain with my right hip. I got home and it went away briefly. That night I had the worst night sleep as I could lay on that side. I found walking agony for 2 days, so I contacted my physio who has instructed me to not run until the event, to continue fitness levels through other methods of exercise such as swimming/cross training. Now that I’ve been told I shouldn’t run, I want to! There’s no pleasing me is there?

So two weeks before the London Marathon what am I concerned about? Getting to the race in time, that I find a solution to carrying my race fuel, that I complete the race and that my bursar in my hip doesn’t flare up!

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