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"I’m excited to sit in bed on 3 May, eat a bacon sarnie, look outside and think 'don’t fancy it'!"

01 April 2015

Since my last blog entry I have completed the 20 mile race in Milton Keynes. It was alright actually! I got personal bests for the 5k 10k and half distances which felt fab! However after mile 15 It felt like I was running through treacle. My calves felt full of fluid and tight. I was desperate to finish and that last mile was the longest mile I have ever covered. I completed the race in 3 hours 18 minutes. I cannot begin to imagine completing a further 6 miles on top of that.

This weekend is my last long run and then I will begin to taper. I intend on running 23 miles to prove to myself I can run past 20 miles. It is going to be torture.

So at the moment I have got anxiety thinking about it. It being the London Marathon. I watched a video of the London marathon course sped up. I shed a tear at the end because even in the 5 minute video it looked long!!! I’m worried about all of the logistics more than actually running it, I know I am going to get stressed and uptight by logistics such as where will we park the car? What train station? How far on foot to the start? How long will it take to find my friends after? What if I get ill during? How far away is the charity base? Will I be able to wash and change after? Running 26.2 miles seems the easy part.

For people supporting someone running the marathon, the last thing someone running it wants to do is arrange where you will be and hear about how difficult it is to get to certain places. Go onto Google, Google the race map, look at it, work out where you are going to be and then tell the runner. Much easier! It might be helpful depending on the type of runner you’re supporting plan everything so they don’t have to worry about you.

I’m excited to sit in bed on 3 May, eat a bacon sarnie, look outside and think “don’t fancy it”!

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