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"So far I have raised £1,100 – not much more to go!!"

05 March 2015 by Maisie Walters-Hill

This month I have felt a bit overwhelmed! I feel I have bitten off more than I can chew. This is the year I get married (18 July) so I am saving, buying, planning and making for that when I can. I decided that 2015 was going to be the best year so there was no way we could miss Glastonbury festival! Honeymoon flights have been booked but no accommodation as yet. I have a full time job which involves coordinating staff and young people through periods of transition which happens to hit peak January– July! I am completing a mentorship programme through work and of course I thought I would top it all off with a lovely long run in April! “EASY” I thought!

Maisie blog 3Well here I am in February feeling over stretched! When I feel like this I become engrossed in myself and in a downward spiral of self-pity! I throw strops the night before a long run, I throw strops when I have to get out of the warm cosy bed with my fiancé in, layer up and face the frost and dark outside. Then it hits me…. This “overstretched” period is full (mainly) of really lovely things: Festivals, weddings and holidays. In September I will have the mentorship programme left to do.

I have a clear end to this pressured time. Carers do not. Carers may not even have the chance to use their skills in a full time job! Carers may not be able to afford Glastonbury tickets; carers may not be able to get the support for them to have the time off to go to Glastonbury! Life is about perspective.

 On 24 February I ran 22 miles, surprise surprise along the tow path! But my fiancé Aaron came with me on his bike, it was quite handy, he had a bag so I could put stuff in it!, he had a camp bell on the bike that he could ring as we were coming up behind people so they would know we were coming and he could talk to me when I got bored. Not only did he support me in this but he also pledged to match all donations made on that evening! I made over £300 from that with help from his best man tagging people on Facebook.

So far I have raised £1,100 – not much more to go!!

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