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"This really is physically and mentally challenging, but the best thing I have ever decided to do."

05 March 2015 by Louise Flisher

So feeling incredibly happy right now; although I am a little bit stressed about the sponsorship side of things (my 3 Marathon buddies are either over or near their target) I am really happy about how my training is going. I have beaten 3 personal bests, lost 2.5 stone and on target for running 18 miles this Sunday.

LM15Louise3photoEach week our mileage on a Sunday is increasing, I love that I have my new found friends to help me get through each long run as this is the hardest of the runs in the week. Last week we did 17 miles and at a good pace – a massive achievement for me. I found 2 weeks before that incredibly hard even though it was exactly the same place; same day and same time (but 18miles), showing we all have our strong and difficult weeks. I find our Sunday runs more enjoyable around Windsor Great Park and Virginia Waters than Bracknell Lookout; in fact I HATE the Lookout with a passion; it is hilly and muddy and just horrible! Tomorrow we are trying a new route starting at Dinton Pastures on to Wokingham.

Last week we ran the Wokingham Half. I was very nervous before as I really wanted a good time. I loved the feeling of running this and felt unbelievably strong. I pushed hard and in fact 13.1 miles was much easier than the previous week of 18 miles. We kept an even pace of around 8min/mile and to cross the finish line at 1.47mins was an amazing time, I even managed a sprint finish.

I now need to work on my nutrition so I don’t lose more weight and so I can keep up the speed and endurance of training which I am actually struggling with. This really is physically and mentally challenging, but the best thing I have ever decided to do. 

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