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"So it is January and the year I run the London Marathon! I’m excited and impatient!"

21 January 2015 by Maisie Walters-Hill

So it is January and the year I run the London Marathon! I’m excited and impatient!

Since my last blog entry I have run 18 miles, it took me 3 hours 18 minutes but I did have to do some tactical walking. I ran out of music, I got a sore throat from breathing, I got soaked but I did it. I felt marvellous! The next day I had to have an emergency procedure which stopped me from doing any vigorous exercise for 4 weeks. Did I do that? No! After week one I did 3km, a few days later I did 5km and then went back to normal. It was Christmas and I made sure I ate and relaxed. Trying to run again was awful. It felt unnatural and I felt weak.

LM15Maisie2 main storyThe first Saturday in January I decided to get back on it. I carb loaded the night before, I checked the weather (rain) and wrapped up, I put on my running shoes and left. The first 4 km were boring, cold and tiresome. The next 10km were fine, I zoned out, and I passed other runners and got to the half way point.  After this I started to worry, the weather was cold (2 degrees) and raining, my clothes were soaked and I was having to do sprint intervals to keep warm, I was panicking and thinking of how nice it will feel when I got in. 4km from home I felt a stone in my shoe, I stopped to pick it out and saw my fingers, under my nails were blue/purple, I was frozen and to top it off I had a massive blister which had popped in my trainers. I realised that I had two choices; I could ignore the blister and get home as quickly as the pain would allow or I could call an intervention and get picked up! So that’s what I did!!! I called my fiancé and asked him to collect me, I stood in a bush watching the steam come off of my body wondering why on earth I decided to wear my new trainers for a long run and risk blisters?! Why I decided to run on the 2 degrees and rain day when the next day was 7 and sunny??? I hope the saying “start as you mean to go on” does not apply.

I have joined the gym this year. I enjoy weight lifting and strength training. I hope to build my muscles so that I can carry myself a bit more effectively during the marathon and hopefully achieve a nice time! I still intend to long run every weekend and I have entered myself into a few races before to get a taste for racing again. One is a 10k and one is a 20 miler. There’s nothing like the anxiety before the start. I’m a very competitive person when it comes to running; I’ve never been competitive about anything before, Eyeing up the other participants, seeing who you recognise from other races! There’s always a handful who behave like it’s the Olympics, running around, lunging, jumping, stretching their arms. There’s always the under confident ones who put themselves miles back from the start line, usually with a pal because you have safety in numbers, joking about how slow they are. I like to stretch at home, I like to keep myself to myself and pop myself in the middle, and I like to be quietly confident and just run! The horn goes and the race starts, there’s always those eager beavers who head off like they’re Mo Farah, either they are really good or you generally pass them in 10 minutes time once they’ve realised it isn’t a sustainable pace and they need to recover. Depending on the distance I have different tactics but one tactic applies in every race I do. Mental state is everything! Tell yourself you can do it and you will, I talk to myself in my head, pointing out all of the positives, I tell myself I am feeling good and that I’m making good progress. I like to look at people in front and set them as my marker to catch up with.

At the moment my marker is me on the 26 April… I’ll catch up with her.

We have one place left in the London Marathon 2015. If you would like to join Maisie and run for Carers UK please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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